Adult Sunday School

NEW Adult Sunday School Class starting in February
Come and See: Personal Encounters with Jesus - A Study in the Gospel of John

This February, Alan Nowicki will be starting an 8 week series titled Come and See: Personal Encounters with Jesus. Students will be given an overview of the Gospel of John, analyzing its main message, and examining the book from a historical, literary and cultural perspective, including translations of some of the original text. We will focus in on the unique, personal encounters that Jesus had with individuals throughout the Gospel. What do these encounters tell us about who Jesus is, and how do these interactions teach us about our own personal relationship with Christ.

Small Groups

Small groups are the back bone of our church. They allow for a place where adults can connect with one another, get to know others as more than just a smiling face on Sunday mornings, and most importantly grow and strengthen one another in faith. Most small groups are comprised of both men and women from all walks of life and in all stages of faith development. With a variety of days and times to choose from, small groups are a place for all adults to connect! Head to the Small Groups page for more information.

Bible Studies

Bible studies are a great place for adults to learn and grow in Christ alongside one another. Our current Bible studies are divided into men's and women's groups, which allow men and women to find others they can identify with. Although each study and group is unique, all Bible studies offer time for Bible teaching and/or facilitation, discussion, prayer, conversation and encouragement in a laid-back atmosphere. Having separate men's and women's groups allow for support that you can sometimes find best with those of the same gender. Bible studies often serve as a great place to develop accountability and encourage one another in your daily walk. Bible studies typically meet during the school year and take a break over the summer months. They are open to any adult at any time. Whether you come occasionally or every week, you will be blessed and grow deeper in you faith.

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Men's Bible Study

Monday Evenings, 7-8:30pm; beginning September 16th
Location: Room 214

Current Study: The Book of Luke
Facilitators: Ed Carlsen and Jim Godfrey

Men of all ages gather together for Bible discussion, prayer, and of course food and conversation. This year's study will focus on working through the New Testament book of Luke. Participants will learn more about the history and culture that was prevalent when the book of Luke takes place, study the teachings of Jesus and events in this particular gospel account and discuss how the book still applies to lives today.

Ladies Afternoon Prayer and Bible Study

1st Tuesday of each month, 12:30pm - 2:30pm; Start date October 1st
Location: Room 214

Current Study: Adamant: Finding Truth in a Universe of Opinions
Coordinator: Lisa McElhinny

Instead of a more typical Bible study, this gathering of women is more of a social and support group. It's a time to come together in prayer over each other, along with fellowship over tea and desserts. Looking at scripture is truly guided by the Lord and any devotional materials He provides to this group is always a blessing. The group is mainly attended by women in their middle years and those in retirement, but women of any age are always welcome!

God’s Word in Isaiah 66:12 likens peace to a river that flows; however truth is like a rock, steady and unchanging in Christ, our Firm Foundation and Cornerstone. More and more, we must anchor ourselves to the truth or risk being drowned in the current of popular opinions adamantly expressed by the world. Thankfully, Truth has a Name and it is Adamant with a Capitol “A” (Ezekiel 3:9). Jesus is our Rock Who clearly provides the Anchor we need in turbulent times. If you have ever felt tossed, lost or seasick navigating the stormy seas of political and cultural unrest, especially as it spills over into legislation, this new DVD study hosted by Lisa Bevere will hopefully help to restore your sense of security and retain your peace, guiding you speak the truth in love, or say nothing at all, at the LORD’s Leading, with complete confidence in Christ. The Lancaster Presbyterian Church Ladies of Afternoon Prayer and Bible Study group invites you to join us for a couple hours each First Tuesday of the Month from October to June beginning at 12:30 pm in the Upper Classroom to firm up our faith. Feel free to bring friends. Tea and dessert will be provided. Questions may be directed to Lisa McElhinny at 651-9218.

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Gathering in His Name Women's Bible Study

Thursday Mornings, 10-11:30am; beginning September 19th
Location: Waith Fellowship Hall

Current Study: The Book of Matthew
Coordinator: Diane Carlsen
Teacher: KC Carlsen

Continuing the study of the Book of Matthew, this time together as women during this study will encourage you, challenge you, instruct you and motivate you. Women of all ages are invited!

In addition to studying the book of Matthew, prayer for one another, a weekly devotional thought, time to share and encourage one another, as well as delicious treats, round out each morning. Unique to this study is the group of women that make up the group. It is comprised of women from 30 to 99 and many ages in between. There are stay-at-home moms, women that work part-time, as well as retired women in this group. You'll also find women from a variety of local church attending each week. Stop in one week to get a taste of this group.

Childcare is provided in our preschool/nursery room for those attending the study.

Women's Evening Bible Study

Thursday evenings bi-weekly, 6:45-8:30pm; beginning September 12th
Location: Waith Fellowship Hall

Winter/Spring Meeting Dates: Jan. 9th, Jan. 23rd, Feb. 6th, Feb. 20th, Mar. 5th, Mar. 19th, Apr. 2nd, Apr. 16th, Apr. 30th, May 14th, May 28th

Topic: Lord, I Want to Know You
Coordinator: Laurie Muscato

In this study of “Lord, I Want to Know You” we seek to recalibrate our spiritual senses so we learn more about what the one true God says about Himself. Our prayer is that we may worship Him on his terms and give him the glory he deserves.

In this laid-back group, women have a chance to learn together, encourage one another in daily struggles, and pray together. Most of the group participants are women who work outside of the home during the day and is comprised mainly of young adult women through those in the middle years of life, but don't let age stop you from being part of this gathering!

Childcare is provided in our preschool/nursery room for moms with young children that attend the study.

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Young Adults

At Lancaster Presbyterian Church you will often find people of all ages in each of our Bible Studies, and young people are welcomed into any of these groups! However, since there are many life transitions during early adulthood, we also acknowledge that it is important for young adults to be able to meet in peer-orientated groups. DaB - Dinner and Bible - as well as small groupd dedicated specifically to young adults, help encourage peer-spiritual development. Our young adult groups tend to be college students through those in their 20's. You'll usually find both singles and couples in these groups, as well as students, those already in the work force, young parents, any people in many stages in between.

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DaB: Dinner and Bible

Monday Evenings @ 6pm; May - August
Location: Young's Home; 12 Huntley Place, Lancaster

Current Study: TBD
Facilitators: Becky Young, Laurie Muscato, Carolina Jackson

Geared toward college-aged students, this group meets weekly from mid-May through mid-August, when many college students return home for the summer. Weekly gatherings include a delicious dinner, engaging discussions focusing on the hard questions that young adults often face on the college campus, as well as a time of just hanging out or playing games. If you've never heard of cat charades, stop in some week to see what it's all about!

From September through early-May this group is encouraged to get involved in the Christian organizations on their local college campus, so there are not weekly meetings. However, DaB often meets monthly on Sunday afternoons for lunch and Bible discussion. Discussion topics vary from one meeting to another. Watch for postings on the events page about these meetings. The group also meets for an annual Thanksgiving Eve Party as well as a Christmas Party in December. DaB is open to all young adults at any time!

Click here for more information.

Young Adults' Small Group

Saturday evenings bi-weekly, 6pm; October - April
Location: Potozniak Home, 64 Nichter Rd., Lancaster

Fall Meeting Dates: TBA

Current Study: Balancing Life's Demands
Facilitator: Kelly Harty

The young adults' small group is a branch of our larger small group ministry for adults. Like the other small groups, this group meets twice a month for dinner, Bible discussion and prayer, but is specifically geared toward those in early adulthood. It is a place for young adults to grow alongside peers, sharing struggles and encouraging one another in their faith. For more information about this year's study, Balancing Life's Demands, click here.

The group is composed of men and women in their 20's and early 30's, including college students, singles, and couples, in all stages of life. The young adults' small group gathers for dinner starting at 6pm and ends the study around 8:30pm. Some leave at the conclusion of the study and prayer time, while others stay later to socialize or play games.

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