Summer Youth Camp

Our Summer Youth Camp ministry has been running for over 40 years and is a favorite event of the summer for many of our campers and staff! Each summer youth from 3rd – 8th grade spend a week learning the Gospel as well as Biblical truths and participating in fun activities, all while enjoying the natural elements of God’s creation.

This year's theme will be announced soon but will be sure to include digging into the Bible to see how Jesus offers eternal life to those who accept him as Savior and how those who believe in Jesus can be a light to brighten the darkness. The week will include interactive Bible lessons and discussions, exciting games, swimming, crafts, skits and a bunch of other fun activities to make for a fun-filled kick off to summer!

Summer Youth Camp is open to everyone! You do not have to be a member or regular attendant of Lancaster Presbyterian Church to attend camp. Registration opens Feburary 1st each year and closes June 1st or when programs are full. Space is limited and is filled on a first come, first serve basis. Our Camp Directors, Bethany Potozniak and Sue Gawron, are available throughout the year at to answer any questions you may have.

Announcing our 2019 Summer Youth Camp

Thursday, June 27th - Wednesday, July 3rd
Camper Check-in: Thusday, June 27th from 6:00-7:00pm
End-of-Camp Family Celebration: Wednesday, July 3rd at 10:30am (Campers leave following the closing celebration.)

About Our Camp

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Week-long, overnight camp for youth in 3rd-8th grade sponsored by Lancaster Presbyterian Church

  • 3 different age-based programs (see below)
  • Approximately 70 campers
  • $225-$265 per camper (all-inclusive price; various discounts and scholarships available; prices vary by program - see pricing)
  • Campers are under the supervision of camp staff at all times
  • Compliant with all New York State requirements for a children's camp in New York State

Location: Duffield Camp & Retreat Center

  • Camp is located at 11740 Worden Rd, Delevan, NY (near Arcade) and is about 40 minutes south of Lancaster, NY
  • Facilities include:
    • Cabins, lodge, and tent-camping areas with separate girls & boys sleeping areas and bathrooms for campers
    • Dining hall
    • Spring-fed pond and creek for swimming, fishing, canoeing and other water activities
    • Activity areas: recreation field, craft cabin, hiking trails, volleyball court, tetherball courts, small rock wall, campfire areas
    • Staff lodging areas

Our Staff

  • Approximately 30 adults and 15 High School Staff serve as counselors, group leaders, activity leaders, kitchen cooks & staff, medical professionals, lifeguard, camp director and other staff
  • Completely staffed by volunteer adult & high school members of Lancaster Presbyterian Church who enjoy working with youth
  • All staff over 18 years of age are required to pass a New York State background check as well participate in training sessions
  • Certified medical personnel (EMT, RN, LPN or similar credentials) always on camp premise
  • Certified lifeguard on duty for all swimming sessions

Bible Lessons

Our 2019 Bible theme will be announced soon! Each year our curriculum includes daily lessons through which campers will explore both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. They learn about God's plan for eternity and salvation and discuss how the still Bible applies to their lives in the present day. Lessons and age-appropriate small group discussions will allow our campers to understand that we all need a Savior and Jesus Christ is the only one that can save us from our sins and give us eternal life. This year campers will also learn how believes can be a light to brighten the darkness.

Each morning campers and staff in all programs will gather together for the main message delivered by a camp director or another staff memeber and then separate into small, aged-based groups of boys and girls led by the counselors. These small groups allow a time for campers to ask questions, as well as extend and develop the day’s main idea through age-appropriate activities, discussions, and real-life applications. Evening group devotions for all and times of personal devotions for our older campers, allow them to strengthen their personal walk with God. Games, songs, and fun group competitions throughout the week encourage our campers to memorize scripture. Worship through song and prayer is also incorporated throughout each day. Lesson curriculum is always Bible-based, Gospel-centered and non-denominational.


During the week we run three age-based programs simultaneously, so Bible discussions and activities can be tailored toward each specific age group. Programs are separate during some of the day and join together during other parts of the day for activities such as meals, free time, some large group games, campfires, and skits.

Elementary Explorers

  • for children who have completed 3rd – 5th grade
  • Lesson Curriculum: includes Bible lessons, games, songs and activities geared toward elementary students; prayer times included
  • Activities: daily Bible lessons, crafts, swimming, recreation games & nature activities, evening campfires, creek walks and other special activities
  • Accommodations: Cabins with bunk beds, indoor bathrooms and showers, for 10 campers and 2 leaders. Male & female campers sleep in separate cabins along with their leaders.

Intermediate Outdoorsmen

  • for youth who have completed 6th grade
  • Lesson Curriculum: includes Bible lessons, small group discussions and real-life applications geared toward pre-teens; prayer times are also include
  • Activities: daily recreation, swimming, campfires; special opportunities include creek tubing and exploration, crafts; may include off-site hiking and canoeing trips
    • Campers will learn and develop basic camping skills. Skills vary depdending on weather and special leader availability but include activities such as: how to safely build and extinguish a campfire, how to set up a tent, how to build a lean-to and hang a tarp using appropriate rope knots, campfire cooking; other skills needed for wilderness camping may be included
  • Accommodations: campground style; separate boys and girls tents for sleeping, indoor bathrooms & showers available

Junior High Campers

  • for teenagers completing 7th & 8th grade
  • Lesson Curriculum: includes large group Bible lessons, small group discussions which a focus on real-life Bible applications for teenagers; time of personal devotions and prayer are also included
  • Activities: daily recreation, swimming, and wilderness activities; options for additional activities may include: archery, volleyball, specialized sports, various crafts, fishing, canoeing, cooking
    • Note: Teenagers in this program may be given the opportunity to choose some of the activities in which they will participate during the week. Weather permitting, the campers will travel off-site to a high ropes course.
  • Accommodations: cabins (with bunk beds, bathrooms and showers) or large lodge (with separate boys & girls loft sleeping areas, bathrooms with showers, large group meeting area and kitchen) or tents (boys only); Due to space, sleeping accommodations are at the director’s discretion based on the number of Junior High campers of each gender; boys sleeping in tents (if needed) will be notified at least a week before the start of camp.


Elementary Explorers: $225 per camper

Intermediate Outdoorsmen: $225 per camper

Junior High Campers: $265 per camper*

  • The cost includes camp rental, room and board, meals, snacks, crafts and all activities.
  • No money is needed at camp.
  • Each camper is also asked to bring 2 dozen homemade cookies to camp.
  • Financial aid scholarships, as well as payment plans are available, if needed. Please e-mail the camp director at for more information about these options.
  • *Price difference due to special Junior High only activities.


  • Early RegistrationEach camper (3rd-8th grade) registered by April 15, 2019 will receive $50 off the cost of camp.
  • First Time Camper DiscountEach first time camper (3rd-8th grade) registered from April 16, 2019 - June 1, 2019 will receive $50 off the cost of camp.
  • Family Discount – A $25 discount, per additional camper, will be given to the families with multiple campers. This is applicable when more than one child from the same family will be attending the Elementary, Intermediate or Junior High programs.
    • Examples:
      • 2 campers in the Elementary, Intermediate or Junior High programs = $25 family discount
      • 3 campers in the Elementary, Intermediate or Junior High programs = $50 family discount
  • The family discount can be applied along with other discounts!


  • A $50 non-refundable deposit for each camper is due at the time of registration. This deposit will be deducted from the total cost of camp.
  • The tuition balance is due by the beginning of camp on June 27th.
  • All payments must be made in the form of cash or check. Make checks payable to Lancaster Presbyterian Church.

Registration Process

  1. Download, print, and complete the registration form below.
  2. For each camper, mail or deliver to the church the registration form, as well as a $50 non-refundable deposit to Lancaster Presbyterian Church.
    • Registration received or post-marked by April 15th will receive the early registration discount of $50 per camper.
    • All payments must be made in the form of cash or check. Make checks payable to Lancaster Presbyterian Church.
    • Final Registration Deadline: June 1, 2019
      • All registration forms must be received or post-marked by this date.
    • Mailing Address:
      • Lancaster Presbyterian Church Attn: Bethany Potozniak
      • 5461 Broadway Street
      • Lancaster, NY 14086
  3. Download, print and complete the medical and informational forms found below and mail them to the church by June 15th. Medical forms are NOT needed when you register, but are needed prior to the start of camp.
  4. Upon receiving your registration form and deposit, you will receive a welcome email or letter from our camp registrar, Tina Harty, including your tuition balance, a list of any medical or informational forms you need to complete, and any other information pertaining to your child’s program.

Important Information

  • As per New York State law, all campers are required to have a physical completed by their family doctor within the calendar year.
  • Questions?
    • Informational Parent Meeting: Sunday, March 10, 2019 at 7:00pm in the Church Library
      • This is an informational meeting for parents held at Lancaster Presbyterian Church. Our camp directors will have a short presentation to explain our Summer Youth Camp, the three different programs we run, our staff and a little about the camp. The floor will also be open for those interested to ask questions. Youth groups for 3rd-12th graders are also running during this time, so campers are welcome to participate in those groups while parents attend the meeting and meet potential campers and youth staff during this time.
      • Parents of first time campers or those with questions are encouraged to attend.
      • Weekly youth groups for 3rd-12th graders are also running during this time, so campers are welcome to participate in those groups while parents attend the meeting and meet potential campers and youth staff during this time.
    • For your convenience, you can contact the Camp Directors, Bethany Potozniak or Sue Gawron, with your questions at at any time.
  • Camper Arrival & Leave Policy
    • In an effort to keep your children safe and provide the best possible experience for all kids at camp, campers need to arrive during the registration time and leave after the parents program on the last day of camp, and are not permitted to arrive late or leave early. In unusual or unforeseen circumstances (i.e. a family illness or funeral) exceptions may be made at the discretion of the directors. Please make other arrangements and plan accordingly for events such as sporting events, games, dance recitals, trips, etc., If you have questions or concerns please speak with the camp director as soon as possible prior to the start of camp.
    • Special Consideration for 2019: Our staff understands that this year's camp dates fall during many of the local high school graduations around Western New York. (The dates for this year's camp were determined based on the rental availibity of the camp.) If your child is impacted by this, but would still like to attend the camp, please contact a camp director at PRIOR to registration to discuss.

Senior High Staff Opportunity

As staff members and examples of Christians walking with Jesus and growing spiritually, this service opportunity is open to Senior High youth who regularly participate in at least one of the following (but are strongly encouraged to participate in all) at Lancaster Presbyterian Church:
  • Worship Service
  • Sunday School
  • Youth Group
Eligible Senior Highers will recieve a letter and committment form in the mail in early February. Upon receiving the letter and committment form, all intersted high school youth MUST:
  • Return the committment form to a Camp Director (Bethany Potozniak or Sue Gawron) by March 1st
  • Discuss any conflicts due to high school graduation with Bethany Potozniak or Sue Gawron by March 1st
  • Senior High staff and a parent must attend one of the following meetings:
    • Sunday, March 17th at 6:15-7:00pm in Waith Fellowship Hall
    • Sunday, March 24th at 6:15-7:00pm in Waith Fellowship Hall
  • Attend Sr. High Staff Training: Tentative Date - Sunday, May 19th from 5:00-7:00pm in the Potter's House
  • Complete a separate registration form (below) and return to Camp Registrar, Tina Harty, by April 15th
  • Complete all medical forms (below) and return to Camp Registrar, Tina Harty, by June 15th
Cost: $75 per Senior High staff member (No discounts are applicable.)
Forms: All registration, medical and information forms are required for youth that will be under age 18 at the time of camp.

Registration & Medical Forms

  • Registration is now OPEN
  • Please read the description about each form carefully, as some are to be completed by the camper's physician and others by the camper's parent/guardian.
  • Print and return the forms below, as directed.
  • If you would like copies of the forms mailed to you or have questions about any forms, please send a message to
  • Medical forms are not required to register for camp, but are required by NYS law, prior to the start of camp on June 27th. Due to the amount of paperwork, it is preferred that forms are returned as soon as they are completed and by June 15th.
  • 2019 Camp Registration Form
  • This form and a $50 non-refundable deposit per camper are both required to secure a place at camp.

  • Information & Health History Form
  • Required for ALL youth under age 18.

  • Medical Release Form
  • Required for ALL youth under age 18. Must be notarized and completed by the start of camp. For your convenience, a notary public will be available at check-in on the first day of camp.

  • Physician's Report Form
  • Either this completed form OR a print-out from the camper’s doctor listing the same information (immunizations, release for activities, etc.) is required for each camper. At most doctor's offices this is called a Health Appraisal Form. One of these items is required for ALL youth under age 18.

  • Over-the-Counter Medication Approval Form Form
  • Must be completed by the camper's parent/guardian. It is required for ALL youth under age 18.

  • Medication Use Form: Prescription Medications
  • Required to be completed by the camper's physician if camper will be bringing prescription medication(s) to camp. One form per medication is needed.

  • Medication Use Form: Over-the-Counter Medications
  • Required to be completed by the parent/guardian if camper will be bringing either over-the-counter medication(s) to camp. One form per medication is needed.

  • Adult Camp Staff Medical Form
  • Requested for staff over 18 years of age for emergency use only.