March 22, 2020 message from Pastor Kelly

Lancaster Presbyterian Church's Purpose

For God’s glory, we are committed to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, in all we say and all we do, to make and equip disciples, in our families, our community, and our world.

Why do you come to Lancaster Presbyterian Church?

  • The solid Biblical preaching. -- Andrew
  • The wonderful youth programs and the great music ministry for all ages! -- Alan
  • Biblical. Friendly. Multi-generational. Spiritually mature. There's no place like it. -- Dan
  • LPC has become my home. -- Becky
  • I come to worship God, to love and to be loved! -- Christine
  • I come to LPC because I love God, and I love you all! -- Pastor Kelly
  • We come to LPC because of Biblical truth and adherence to correct theology. -- Beth & Jack
  • The Word preached, worship, family and friends in the Lord. -- Diane
  • For the excellent Biblically sound teaching! --Lisa
  • There is Sunday School for all ages, including adults. -- Carolina
  • I arrive broken and depart healed and whole! -- Chris
  • Because if I miss a Sunday at LPC I know I missed being with my church family. -- John
  • For over fifty years, we have come to worship God and have fellowship with Christian friends. -- Dave

Lancaster Presbyterian Church's Core Values

We believe in the authority of Scripture, and we affirm the historic teachings of Reformed Christianity.