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Adult Education - Every Sunday morning @ 9:45am            

"Comforting Hearts/Teaching Minds"

You’ve probably felt it.  That moment when you had to catch your breath wondering where our world is headed.

  • For parents, your thoughts go to your children
  • For grandparents, you think about your grandchildren
  • For the leaders of the next generation, you wonder how to prepare yourself
  • For those on the front lines of work/school, you wonder what it means to stand firm

We are told to “Stand Firm.”  But how?

Two things are needed:  a good offense and a good defense.

For the first time Adult Ed  will be offering 2 classes in one .

  • Two different topics
  • Two different teachers,
  • All in one hour.  

Comforting Hearts/Teaching Minds seeks to provide an offense and defense to meet the challenges to come.  

Consider this quote:

“Our children face a future for which we must adequately prepare them.  Our children will encounter times when they will desperately need a deep and vigorous grasp of the truths of God’s word.  They will face temptations and long to give in.  They will confront horrors of a fallen world and will question all they have been taught.  They will know disappointment; they will feel grief…..”  

What will we do?

This 2 in 1 class seeks to provide adults with the practical skills and tools to help those within their sphere of influence to grow in Biblical knowledge, wisdom and skill.

ON OFFENSE – Using questions and answers, Ken O’Connor will be taking us through the Heidelberg Catechism, a beautiful, rich, and deeply devotional resource to be used by families/friends.  The benefits of gaining a comprehensive overview of all of scripture in the family setting is a treasure beyond measure.  The Word of God is the best offense

ON DEFENSE – A strong offense also needs a good defense.  Laurie Muscato will be using many apologetic resources to address common questions and challenges which face us now and in the future.  Parents/Adults will be exposed to on-line resources which can provide invaluable information for those moments when you get challenged but have no idea where to turn.