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sunday morning worship 8:30 AM and 11:00 with Livestreaming

   Adult Education Classes

Beginning Sunday, September 12th @ 9:45am

                                                     Continuing weekly on Sunday mornings at 9:45am


Teacher: Alan Nowicki    (Meeting in Waith Fellowship Hall)

This September, Alan Nowicki will be re-starting the 8-week series titled Come and See: Personal Encounters with Jesus. Students will be given an overview of the Gospel of John, analyzing its main message, and examining the book from a historical, literary and cultural perspective, including translations of some of the original text. We will focus in on the unique, personal encounters that Jesus had with individuals throughout the Gospel. What do these encounters tell us about who Jesus is, and how do these interactions teach us about our own personal relationship with Christ.


Teacher: Ken O’Connor   (Meeting in room 114-115)

Centuries after his death, Martin Luther is celebrated as an intellectual giant, a brave opponent of corruption, a shaper of culture, indeed, as one of the most significant figures in Western history.  Many people, however, are unaware of the events of Luther’s life that led him to make a courageous stand for the gospel in the sixteenth century.  In this series, R.C. Sproul provides a thorough introduction to the life and thought of Martin Luther.  

The motto of the reformation was “post tenebras lux” or “out of darkness light”.   It described the spiritual darkness that had descended upon the Church during the middle ages against the light of the Gospel preached by Martin Luther.   Central to this issue were the sola’s of the reformation.   Justified by Grace Alone, through Faith Alone, in Christ Alone, as revealed in Scripture Alone, for the glory of God Alone.   This series will not only explore the life and ministry of Martin Luther but the sola’s of the reformation and the impact of these biblical doctrines upon our life today.   

Martin Luther believed that the light of the Gospel would grow dim again.  History has confirmed this truth.  Europe has fallen to the post-modern philosophy, Canada not far behind.  The future of the United States lies in wait.   

Out of darkness light.   Explore the truths of the Gospel through the life of Martin Luther and the Reformation.  

Week 1 – General Overview

Week 2 - From Luther to the Lightning Bolt 

Week 3 - Monastery and Rome Crisis

Week 4 - Tower Experience

Week 5 - Building St. Peters

Week 6 - Indulgence Controversy

Week 7 - Progress to Worms

Week 8 - Roman Catholic View of Justification (Part 1) Week 9 - Roman Catholic View of Justification (Part 2)

Week 10 - Protestant View of Justification

Week 11 - Romes Objections Answered