Adult Education


sunday morning worship 8:30AM & 11:00AM with Livestreaming

   Adult Education Classes

             Meeting weekly on Sunday mornings at 9:45am


We will begin a new series in the Adult Sunday School class beginning today called: “Why We Trust the Bible”.  This is a six-lesson series from Ligonier Ministries with a 20-minute video by Dr. Stephen Nichols.  

· Week 1: Revelation-Where Would We Be Without It

· Week 2: The Authority of Scripture, Part 1-Doctrine of Inspiration

· Week 3: The Authority of Scripture, Part 2-Doctrine of Inerrancy

· Week 4: Why Sixty-Six Books? The Development of the Canon

· Week 5: Why So Many interpretations? The Clarity of Scripture & Interpretation

· Week 6: Scripture For Life – The Sufficiency of Scripture

Evangelism will be a key focus during the Adult Education hour facilitated by Sharon Miller and the Evangelism Committee.  The last Sunday School class of each month will cover this important topic of sharing “the faith we live”.  The video series by Becky Pippert will be a focus of the program as she discusses what is “relational evangelism” and how to incorporate our love for people in our witness for Jesus.