Women's Evening Bible Study


sunday morning worship 8:30 AM and 11:00 with Livestreaming

 May 19, 2022

 7:00 PM

 5461 Broadway Lancaster, NY 14086

Suffering has a way of depleting people:  emotionally, spiritually, intellectually.  I Peter, was written to Christians who were in the midst of suffering with the anticipation of greater suffering.  What advice would you give under the circumstances?

The last two chapters of I Peter are filled with Peter's wisdom born of experience. It rings true to us because it bears the scars of reality while offering a hope of a different kind.  It is not the hope that demands a specific outcome....it is a deeper hope, a surer hope, he calls it a "living hope."

Come hear Peter's advice and discover what it means to be refreshed by the living hope found in Christ; and learn what joy is found in serving Him and others well, regardless of our circumstances.

Our last gathering will be Thursday, June 2nd.