Women's Ministry


sunday morning worship 8:30 AM and 11:00 with Livestreaming

The Women's Ministry of Lancaster Presbyterian Church

Join the women of Lancaster Presbyterian Church as they grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord and think through practical applications to everyday life. Keep an eye on our events page for upcoming events for the women of Lancaster Presbyterian Church.

Bible Studies

Bible studies are a great place for adults to learn and grow in Christ alongside one another.  Our current Bible studies are divided into men's and women's groups, which allow men and women to find others they can identify with.  Although each study and group is unique, all Bible studies offer time for Bible teaching and/or facilitation, discussion, prayer, conversation and encouragement in a laid-back atmosphere. Having separate men's and women's groups allows for support that you can sometimes find best with those of the same gender.  Bible studies often serve as a great place to develop accountability and encourage one another in your daily walk.  Bible studies typically meet during the school year and take a break over the summer months.  They are open to any adult at any time.  Whether you come occasionally or every week, you will be blessed and grow deeper in you faith.

Women's Evening Bible Study

Thursday evenings bi-weekly:  7:00pm-8:30pm

Location: Waith Fellowship Hall

Meeting Dates:  See below

Topic: 1 Peter

Coordinator: Laurie Muscato

In this laid-back group, women have a chance to learn together, encourage one another in daily struggles, and pray together. The group is comprised mainly of young adult women through those in their middle years.  Most of the participants are women who work outside of the home during the day.

1 Peter

Suffering has a way of depleting people:  emotionally, spiritually, intellectually.  I Peter, was written to Christians who were in the midst of suffering with the anticipation of greater suffering.  What advice would you give under the circumstances?

The last two chapters of I Peter are filled with Peter's wisdom born of experience. It rings true to us because it bears the scars of reality while offering a hope of a different kind.  It is not the hope that demands a specific outcome....it is a deeper hope, a surer hope, he calls it a "living hope."

Come hear Peter's advice and discover what it means to be refreshed by the living hope found in Christ; and learn what joy is found in serving Him and others well, regardless of our circumstances.

This Women's Bible Study will meet on the following dates:   

  • Thursday, April 7
  • Thursday, April 21
  • Thursday, May 5
  • Thursday, May 19